About Us

KJSKB or Kantor Jasa Surveyor Kadastral Berlisensi is an Indonesian term for Licensed Cadastral Surveyor Agency. KJSKB was established as a space for the Licensed Cadastre Surveyor Group. KJSKB can be in the form of a business entity, engaged in survey services, as well as mapping services in order to assist services of land affairs.

KJSKB is an institution that has obtained a permit from the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and the Ministry of Spatial Planning. In addition, every KJSKB that is formed must join an association to uphold the professional code of ethics for cadastral surveyors. Hence, KJSKB Andre Hidayat & Partners has joined as a member of Masyarakat Ahli Survei Kadaster Indonesia (MASKI).

KJSKB Andre Hidayat & Partners was established at 2017 by two colleagues with geodesy background. The establishment of KJSKB Andre Hidayat & Partners was motivated by the increasing need for cadastral surveys and mapping in Indonesia. In addition, to help accelerate land services, our institution was formed.

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Kegiatan Pengukuran di Kota Padang

KJSKB Andre Hidayat & Partners is based in Padang, West Sumatra. However, in the implementation of services, we cover all areas in Indonesia. We have a team consisting of our nation youngsters to support the progress of land services in Indonesia.

KJSKB Andre Hidayat & Partners supports service governance and professional acceleration of surveys, measurements, and mapping. We are here to provide services in land consultancy with specialization in partnership between ATR/BPN RI and Village Government Officer.

KJSKB Andre Hidayat & Partners has multiple experiences in collaboration various business entities (government and private) as well as individuals in carrying out measurement activities that can be tailored to the interests of our partners. A list of our projects can be accessed via our projects page.

KJSKB Andre Hidayat & Partners upholds professionalism in our work, and prioritize the latest technology and adequate resources. This is of course to promote efficiency and effectiveness in the measurements we take.

To know more about KJSKB Andre Hidayat & Partners, or to ask questions about the world of cadastral surveys, mapping services, GIS, aerial surveys, and mapping techniques with drones, please contact us directly via contact page.

Our Vision

Establishing KJSKB Andre Hidayat & Partners as a leading business entity that can provide innovative and up-to-date solutions in overcoming land service problems in Indonesia, by prioritizing professionalism and upholding the professional code of ethics for cadastral surveyors in Indonesia.

Our Mission

  1. Build a network and chain of trust with KJSKB Andre Hidayat & Partners clients.
  2. Improving the quality of resources and services we offer.
  3. Innovate more, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of measurement activities.
  4. Dedicate and uphold social responsibility towards society (social responsibility).